February 11th, 2004



  • I was extremely pissed off at someone for a week or so.  Now I'm over it.  Just thought you should know.
  • Marvin the Martian is cross-eyed. How did I never notice that before?
  • I went to the new eye doctor yesterday.  He bumped my prescription up ever so slightly, though he didn't think my previous prescription was inappropriate.  But he knew I was having some difficulty with blurry vision, so he said it might help.  Plus, he's going to try punctal plugs for my seriously over-dry eyes.  $1300!!!!!  Fortunately, I think my insurance will cover the bulk of that.
  • I saw the dentist last week.  Two more cavities.  Shock of shocks.  Sucks to be me.  I'm just doing my part to help put his eldest through college.
  • Work is busy.  Worse than this, this is annual performance review time.  This sucks, Beavis.  This means I have to find nice things to write about myself.  Worse, I have to dream up objectives for next year.  Bleh.  I'm bad at writing performance objectives.
  • We had dinner at Sienna's last night.  We like the owner.  A lot.  They've expanded it, and it's really nice.  I like it.  They are having their grand opening party on Saturday.  We might go.  We might not.
  • I am drinking Swiss White Chocolate International Coffee out of a Prevacid Coffee Mug.  Yes, Seth, this means I stole your canister of Swiss White Chocolate.  I think it's very funny that Prevacid advertises on a mug.  Isn't Prevacid a stomach medicine?  Doesn't coffee damage your stomach?
  • Yesterday I got to explain seriously basic computer security concepts and terminology to a security engineer.  Dammit.
  • $1300!!!!
  • I'm picking up my new glasses tonight.  I almost went for a daring, funky pair of glasses.  But I couldn't do it.  Too big a change too quickly.  So I went with an old standby.  Gold wire frames.  Kind of rectangular-ish.  And I got the daring funky ones made into sunglasses.  They rock.  Or they will once I pick them up.
  • Having dinner with leahmiriam tonight.  Yay for me.  :-D
  • I hate my teeth.
  • For more than one reason.
  • I have a squishy brain, a squishy pig, and a squishy computer on top of my monitor.  Behind me, there is a beanie somach and a Dilbert Doll.  In front of me is Marvin the Martian.  I am a freak.
  • I really want a Coke.  I'm trying to resist.  I shouldn't drink soda.  I think I'm going to lose this battle.
  • I need to get back to work.
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