November 11th, 2003

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I admit, I don't respond well to change.
I'm old-fashioned.
I could even be considered a stick-in-the-mud.

But I really am unhinged by something that seems so small. They (who's they? The US Mint, I suppose) are taking Monticello off of the flip side of the nickel and replacing it with Lewis and Clark.


I love Monticello. I'm not saying Lewis & Clark aren't cool. But haven't they made ENOUGH changes to money recently???

(speaking of which, I have one of the new 20s that I have to log on the US Mint site)

Oh, and I still have a cold, and I'm still unthrilled by this.

Update: I'm actually slightly incorrect. Monticello is being replaced by an artistic depiction of the Louisiana Purchase (it's two hands shaking each other, whooppee) in the Spring of 2004, and of Lewis & Clark's expedition (this is a picture of a very big boat designed by Captain Lewis) in the fall of 2004. I'm still irritated. In fact, perhaps moreso. Why can't they just pick one!?
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What exactly were these people thinking?

November 11, 2003

Durst Found Not Guilty of Murdering 71-Year-Old Neighbor

the New York Times

Robert A. Durst, the millionaire real estate heir from New York who was living like a drifter in Texas, was acquitted today of charges that he murdered a 71-year-old neighbor in Galveston two years ago.

Mr. Durst, 60, admitted killing Morris Black in September 2001, butchering him, putting his body parts in garbage bags and dumping them into Galveston Bay. But he steadfastly maintained that the death was the result of a struggle and not murder.

Click here for the rest of the article It's a NY Times article, so you'll need to register to read it, I think, but you won't have to pay anything.

I'm positively stunned.
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