July 17th, 2003

Seth and Karen

long overdue post about my trip to Florida

I’ve been meaning to write an entry for a while about my trip to Florida at the beginning of June. I’m about a month behind, but what the heck, it’s never too late, right? Collapse )

And someday soon, I’ll follow with:
  • Shavuos at Bethany Beach

  • house stuff

  • changing working conditions

  • latest DVD acquisitions

  • my brother-in-law

  • thoughts on Jewish Observance
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Family May 2012

Dear Bea

Dear Bea,
When, oh when, are you going to update your journal again?
I miss your sardonic wit. And while you're at it, how come
you never comment on my entries? Am I that boring??

Most sincerely,
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Family May 2012

If I had a paid account, this would be a cool, nifty poll, but I'm cheap

Okay, I've been thinking about getting a paid account, so this really COULD be a poll, but that's beside the point. In the meantime, we'll just have to settle for mediocrity.

So I'm going to pay the $15 or whatever it is to change my LJ Username. I was figuring it would be some variation of my new name (kcohen, karencohen, cohenk, karenecohen, etc.) or even of my Hebrew name (Esther Chaya)... but you know, I want to know what my adoring fans think about my new nom de plume.

So what think you? All suggestions (serious ones, preferably) can be left in the comments section until such time as I suck it up and buy a paid account so I can do polls. ;)
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