March 28th, 2003


Pesach Cleaning

With Purim behind us, Pesach is around the corner, which means cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. Plus lots of planning and shopping. Since my observance level has gone up exponentially since last year, I'm reading Blumenkrantz's "The Laws of Pesach" for 5763 more carefully than I might otherwise have done. I'm still mostly skimming, but not as much as I usually do.

But I came across the following and I'm having mixed feelings Collapse )

On another note, until reading this chapter, it never occurred to me that I should check my earthquake emergency kit for chometz. Oh, that's right. I live in Maryland. I don't have an earthquake emergency kit.
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Family May 2012

New Icon!!

Thanks to drmellow, I have a new icon.

storvik also gave me a good suggestion which I haven't tried yet because first I need to upgrade to a paid account so that I can have more than three pictures.

I'm very excited about this here new icon. :)
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Family May 2012

boxes, boxes, everywhere

There are boxes everywhere right now, some of which are empty, which makes Charlie a very happy cat. I think he can bask for hours in a cardboard box.

Pipsqueak has come down to join the fun. She was hanging out in a box for a while, and got bored. Now she's enjoying some R&R in the now-empty cubby of the entertainment center.

Cats are definitely better than TV.
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