March 27th, 2003

Seth and Karen


Our taxes came back from the accountant. We're getting refunds, though not as large as I'd like. But the thing is this...I've been annoyed for years that Seth wastes money on an accountant to do his taxes. I've certainly never had a problem doing my own and it's a lot of money to blow on some paperwork, you know? But, this year, I figured it's okay because we just got married and I've never dealt with taxes that complicated what with the house and the student loan interest and the marriage thing and since I've been so sick, it just didn't make sense for me to do them.

SO... we get the taxes back from the accountant. And now I'm really, really annoyed. Because at a quick, 30-second glance, I see at least one deduction that he blatantly missed that he should have known about. Who knows what else (if anything) he missed. And the thing about it is, if he missed nothing else, it's NOT worth going through and double-checking everything, because this little 100-dollar-deduction just ISN'T going to make a dent. And frankly, I'm lazy. I admit it. I suck.

So we'll send these here taxes off and collect our refunds (state and's a miracle...I knew I married Seth for a reason...never, EVER, have I gotten a refund from state...last year, I had to write a ONE DOLLAR check to the state of Maryland). And I'll just stay annoyed about this for a while. Next year I'm doing them unless something horrible happens, so there.
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