March 17th, 2003

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Purim and random ramblings

Purim starts tonight. No drinking for moi. Oh well. I refuse to dress up. I'm not a stick in the mud, really. I just feel stupid dressed up, so I won't do it.

Seth and I went on a "date" on Thursday. We went to see "The Life of David Gale" which was a good, if somewhat disturbing, movie. I enjoyed it, but then I usually do enjoy Kevin Spacey. I'm not too particular. ;) Then we went for pizza. The funny thing about kosher restaurants is that they tend to have a very specific clientele. This means that we often run into people we know if we go to them. We ran in to Harold, famous for his incredible Purim seudot (festive meals...I'm not sure I got the plural right there, and I'm not sure I care, either). I will unfortunately be missing out on the festivities this year, but Seth should be able to make it. Last year Harold had a guest who brought kosher haggis (ick) complete with bagpiper and Robbie Burns' "Ode to the Haggis". There was also "vam" which some of you may have read about in cellio's journal. Vam is veal shoulder prepared to look and taste like ham. It's pink and sugary and kinda did taste like the real stuff, which is unfortunate, because I hate ham. But it was a nifty idea. We don't know what's coming this year, but I'm sure I'm missing out on something good. Most importantly, Harold had maybe 30 people there last year (I'm bad at guestimating this stuff, feel free to correct me if you were there and I'm wrong), and food enough for 100, but alchohol enough for even more than that. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I will be gall-bladder-less. I'm going to ask if I can keep it, but I think they'll say no. Something about a biohazard... Also, note to self, I must remember to ask, "Dr., will I be able to play the piano after the surgery?" and see if he takes the bait.

Finally, I have more hamantaschen here than I know what to do with. Please come by my house and eat some. :)
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