June 14th, 2002

Seth and Karen

Ira revisited

I won't give any gory details, but my golly this darned kidney stone hurts!!!

I'm calling the doctor tomorrow (today?)...I don't want to play this game any more and the demerol isn't cutting it. Not that there's anything he can do, but he's going to have to listen to me whine for a bit so that when this is all over he understands why I want him to find a way to make sure that my 8th kidney stone is my last kidney stone. I have this horrible feeling I'm in for a long night.

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Seth and Karen

FIFA World Cup 2002

Mexico scored a goal against Italy in the 34th minute. Why am I awake to see this happen? Italy is theoretically the stronger team, but now, at half time, Italy still hasn't scored. They've attempted more shots, but haven't made any (well, I saw them make one, but it didn't count because the linesman called offsides, though I seriously disagree with the linesman)


If I have to be up at this hour, Italy could at least be winning. :(
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Seth and Karen

FIFA Update

In the 84th minute, Italy scored a goal. Shortly after half time, they had another goal, but it was another offsides goal, so it didn't count. This one was definitely offsides.

The score is now tied 1-1. Looks like Italy will definitely advance to the next round.

In all fairness, Mexico has played the better game. They've used the full width of the field and kept the Italian players busy. But my heart is still with Italy. :)
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Seth and Karen


4:58 and I'm still awake. I'm not appreciating Ira's presence right now. But at least when this is all over, I'll have a cute, cuddly, baby....rock. Okay, a small consolation.

I've tried sleeping and I keep getting very close and waking up in agony. I can't take any more drugs, and if I can, I don't know it, and I sure don't want to wake Seth up. Two more hours and I can call him. Heck, in one more hour I can call him, I think, but sometimes he's not so, um, personable right when the alarm goes off. Not that I ever am, but that's beside the point.
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Seth and Karen

US Advances

Despite an embarassing and pathetic 3-1 loss to Poland, but thanks to a surprising South Korean 1-0 win over Portugal, the US and South Korea shall advance to the next round. All because South Korea won. Well, better to get there through the back door than not at all. ;)

The US plays Mexico on Monday. South Korea plays Italy on Tuesday. I'm glad it's not the other way around...
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