May 8th, 2002

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Pantyhose and Marketing

This had to have been written by a man (found on a box of pantyhose):
"Microtoning Action gently hugs your legs to create an incredibly vibrant, toned feeling that goes nonstop throughout your busy day."

Now I ask you, have you ever heard anything more ridiculous?
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Seth and Karen


Jon and Laura closed on their house today. The movers will be there tomorrow to bring in their furniture and it will be home. :-D Then they will live 15-45 minutes away from us, depending on traffic.

SO, tonight, I drove to their new house and hung a mezuzah on their doorpost. I know for a fact that they only own one, and I gave that one to them. So I bought another one for them that's about the same size and shape and hung it up. My fear was that they'd freak that I hung it up for them but I wanted it to be a surprise for them. I figured since it was about the same size and shape, they could put the old one back in it's place if they'd rather have that one up there.

I dunno. I thought it was a way cool idea. And I loved doing it. And now that I've done it, I feel kinda wrong about banging a coupla holes in the doorpost of someone's new home without asking them. Sigh.

Jon had commented to me today (wistfully, I might add) when I went over to the house to see it that they didn't have a mezuzah up yet.

Well, we'll see.
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