May 7th, 2002

Seth and Karen

My sweetie

Do you know why Seth is the greatest person in the universe for me? Because when he ran some errands last night I asked him to get me pantyhose and hairspray and not only did he manage to do so, he even got the right stuff. Well, fine, it wasn't the same exact hairspray that I buy, but heck, it did the trick, didn't smell awful, and didn't leave my hair a sticky mess.

And you know why else? The huge, gigantic pile of dishes that was in the kitchen when I left this morning isn't there anymore.


What the heck more could I ask for? Okay, you want a list? Well, I'm not going to give it to you. Right now I'm going to bask in my pleasure. Or, actually, I'm going to skedaddle off to trope class, but that's another story entirely...
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