January 23rd, 2002

Family May 2012


So I'm headed to Florida in the morning. Hope you all miss me. Okay, so I know you won't....I'll be back before anyone notices my absence! (I'm coming back Sunday)
I made a "how well do you know me" quiz and my friend Jon took it and got a 30%...But then we realized he had gotten 4 out of the ten questions correct. So I took the test myself and only scored a ninety percent. Turns out I put the wrong answer on the answer key for "where was I born?" Doh. So I cancelled the test and haven't made a new one yet. blah.

I'm a bit trepidatious about the trip tomorrow. I'm going down to see my grandfather, probably for the last time. How is one supposed to react to that? Plus I'm not sure how to handle the food situation, nor the "no I'm not going in a car anywhere until sundown" thing on shabbos. I just really hope that we eat out for the most part. I'm hoping that my grandmother's usual Saturday lunch of hot dogs and beans doesn't happen... I'm pretty sure she uses pork hot dogs. And I really don't like eating non-kosher meat anyway. I probably should have addressed this before...but I'm a bit chicken. My grandmother's been through a lot dealing with my grandfather, and I just know she wouldn't have been able to handle "hey can you make sure we have a lot of vegetarian stuff?" She's 85 years old. I gave up eating pork YEARS and YEARS ago and my father still doesn't get it. No risk of shellfish being served though... my father's allergic. whew. Oh well. I should be far more concerned about other things...like my grandfather. But honestly, I think it's easier to be worried about the stupid stuff than about my grandfather. We shall see.

Be well everyone.
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