January 17th, 2002

Family May 2012


Acronyms. That�s what this business is all about. I thought the government had too many acronyms. Acronyms within acronyms within acronyms. You think I�m kidding? Am I exaggerating? Boy do I wish I were. But now I�m writing this security manual and I�m learning that there�s an acronym for everything under the sun. I�m inundated with them. PKI, IDS, SSL, SSSP, PPP, PGP, RA, SG, RSA, SHA-1, WAN, LAN, WLAN, IPSEC, DES, DSL, GHz, FTP, VPN, NAT, PROM, CISSP, CCNP, COTS, TEMPEST, PCI, SSID, WEP, IETF, MOU/A, MAC, DAC, ISA�the list is endless. Sure I know what these are, but how many of them could there possibly be? There�s MORE. They keep coming. People get paid to sit and think up catchy acronyms. And some of them aren�t catchy, but still I�m supposed to be able to decipher it�somehow. It�s like a secret language, a secret society. When is someone going to teach me the secret handshake????

This rant brought to you by HRF, PCMCIA, UTP and the number 161.215.347.21.4.
Family May 2012

Odd Memories

So, in kindergarten we had the letter of the week, starting with A and going all the way too.....you guessed it! Z!
Each week, we'd have to take a piece of construction paper (or multiple pieces if we were overachievers), fold it into sixths and use each block to write a word that started with that letter (I think your parents could write the words for you). You could even draw a picture to help you remember what the word was. Then, we'd bring them to school, and we'd have to read the words to the teacher (or teacher's aide). Whoever got the most words got a certificate or sticker or something.
Now, I was reading at age 2. So this shouldn't have been a problem for me. Usually, I got the sticker.
Then we came to the letter "N." I had a hard time thinking of words to go with the letter N...no problem now, but back then...I wasn't too creative.
One of my words was "necklace." I even remember the picture I drew. But I couldn't read it that day to the teacher. I was ashamed. I was miserable. I was horrified at my failure. I did not get the sticker that week.
My mother says I had a Type A Personality back then. She contends that I still do, but I don't think so. I'm far too forgetful lately to fit the profile.
Anyway, I just can't get this memory out of my head. I'm not just remembering it, I'm reliving the shame and embarrassment I felt that day. I don't know why. It's utterly stupid. Why do I even care?

I know a shrink would have a field day with this one.
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