October 31st, 2001

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random things...frankly, I'm too tired to think of an organized subject line...

So I have so much to write about, but you know, my head hurts, and I'm tired and I'm hungry and I want to go to bed and I have so much work to do and so basically, I'm not gonna. So there.
But here's the high-lights....

First...Trope class last night... Still frustrated over my Hebrew...It could be worse. It's much better in the privacy of my own home though. In front of the class though, my heart starts racing, my throat gets dry, my eyes start to water, I suddenly lose all sense of pitch, and I experience the inability to make any sounds that remotely resemble Hebrew. I'm hoping this goes away soon. Nevertheless, I seem to leave feeling like I've accomplished something and like I'm really learning something. I love Regina and everyone in the class is really supportive. It really is like one big support group to me. "it's okay, Karen, you're doing great...I think I can, I think I can...I'm glad you got the hard one instead of me!" :)

Anyway, in other news, my deadline of tomorrow at work for this evil document still stands and I'm still not sure how it's going to get done. By the grace of G-d, I suppose. I hope? Keep your fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I'm exhausted.

And, as anyone who knows the circumstances under which I fled law school will know, the ironic thing about my evening is that I spent my time after work tutoring a first year law student. Fun.

I got a really, really, really, really cute trick-or-treater when I came home, though...A WINNIE THE POOH. His mother had a camcorder. How adorable can you get? He was so sweet, he even brought me the paper that Seth refuses to bring in.

But then, to dampen my joy in the winnie-the-pooh-cuteness, a 16 or 17 year old delinquent (okay, he might not have been a delinquent) came ringing my doorbell. "Trick or Treat" I raised my eyebrow as I shoved some candy in his bag anxious to get it out of my house. "No costume this year?" I said, wondering when the hell I turned into such an adult. "Nah, I just wanted the candy," he said as he walked away with his overflowing pillowcase. I shut the door disapproving, disgusted, and horrified. When did I get to be so old that I became shocked by this?

I'm so not into Halloween.

But the Pooh-Bear three year old was undeniably adorable.

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