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update - 2am

It's 2am. I'd hoped to be asleep by now, but, well, alas.

I've covered up the cabinets in my dining room that need covering. I'll cover the table shortly. Or maybe I'll have Seth do it tomorrow.

I decided to punt on the gefilte fish until tomorrow. I boiled 17 eggs instead. Why 17? Because that's what fit in the pot, that's why. The ratatouille is done and looks and smells tasty. I'm not a huge fan of ratatouille, but this seems pretty good so far. It's in the fridge. I found a bowl that the soup fit in and was able to get that into the fridge as well, so all's well on that front. I could boil some sweet potatoes, but I think I'll punt on that as well. Everything else (in terms of cooking) can be dealt with tomorrow. Mostly it's salads, so no need to rush.

I have to have Seth bring up some more Pesach glass bowls from downstairs in the morning. Mostly, this is a reminder to myself to ask him to do that. I also have to bring up the wine from downstairs. That's easy.

My fridge is packed to the gills (do fridges have gills?), and I've barely done any cooking yet. I fear what it will look like before shabbos. Fortunately, much of that food will be used for Shabbos dinner.

The kitten is sleeping soundly in Seth's bed. Yay for happy sleeping kittens. Now I should also be sleeping soundly, since I have to go to work tomorrow. Bleh. Hopefully, I'll get to skip out a little early so I can get everything done.
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