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Roast is done. I decided to put the mushrooms with it, so those are done too.
Ratatoullie is finishing up now.
Carrot Soup is done. Just have to find a home for it in the fridge after it cools a bit more (otherwise it gets too watery).
About to do gefilte fish.


On a less happy note, the A/C guy left the door open today and Nibbler escaped. I was in tears. Over a cat, for crying out loud. Fortunately, 12ish hours later, he came home. Thank heavens.

On a brighter note, the A/C install is done! Yippeee!!! Now all we have to do is pay for it. Now that the kitten has returned, I plan to pay them in full.

Seth was an incredible help tonight. Yay for him.

Oh, and my teeth hurt, darnit! OWIE! Three Aleve have done NOTHING.

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