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Pesach Cleaning

Sunday I cleaned and kashered about half the kitchen.
Monday, our nanny undid a lot of what I'd done. It was not her fault. I was not upset. Well, I mean, I was upset, but not AT her.
Monday night I re-did what I had to re-do and I took care of the rest of the counters and half the fridge. All that remained to be done was the rest of the fridge/freezer and the sink. Should have been easy to do last night, right?
Nope. I went to sleep instead. I slept soundly for, I'm guessing 9 or 10 hours. Maybe longer. I'm not entirely sure what time I fell asleep.
Seth cleaned the freezer for me and washed the things that were in the sink. As a bonus, he even took the door shelvy things off the door and left them soaking. So I'll finish those things up quickly tonight and then I can start cooking for shabbos. Hooray.

I also need to figure out lunch menus for three lunches. Argh. I'm so tired.

I think tomorrow night I'll make a bunch of potato kugels. Crap. I *knew* I should have bought a Pesach food processor. I might still, darnit. So there.
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