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  • The A/C guys have just about finished putting registers in the house (they have 2 more to do downstairs in the basement, but that's it). They're laying duct work now. Next week they'll do all the electrical stuff. Sounds like they're right on target to be finished by mid-week next week. I'm so excited. On the other hand, I'm a little reserved because I keep thinking "we sure as heck BETTER get our investment back when we sell the house." So I'm a little bitter about the money. I keep feeling like we ought to be able to live with window units and such. Except it's easy for me to say that now. But in August when I'm in the kitchen (an un-air-conditionable part of the house if we're only using window units) cooking and sweating, I'll remember why central air wasn't a frivolous investment.
  • Julian gets cuter every day. I spent a long time not realizing that it was *possible* for him to get cuter. He's got a couple less than cute habits though. When you're not doing what he wants you to be doing, he shouts "NO!" and hits you. Or he throws something. Tuesday afternoon when we came home I gave him a sippy cup of milk. When he'd sucked down all the milk he said "More Milk" which really was more like "Mah meh." I told him we didn't have any more milk and that Abba was bringing some home. I suggested water as a substitute. "NO!" he shouted, and threw his sippy cup (a very hard plastic cup) across the room as hard as he could. Glad I wasn't in the way. OUCH.
  • I think I have heartburn.
  • My boss went to the Nationals game last night, and now he looks like hell. He didn't sleep enough, poor thing. It has made for a boring day in the office because he's so low energy. Not that I'm not.
  • Dinner tonight should be pretty tasty.
  • If, that is, I manage not to burn anything between now and then. I'm not holding my breath.
  • I'm so tired. And I feel ill. Lunch did not agree with me.
  • It's tax day. We owed Federal. I'm okay with that.

I have absolutely nothing else remotely interesting to say. I shouldn't say "nothing else" because that implies that I had anything interesting to say in the first place.
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