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shabbos update - Karen's Musings
Random Rambling
shabbos update
I got home from work fairly early, picked Julian up from the nanny and whisked him off to Whole Foods. I used to hate that place, but I love it now. I mostly go there for the produce section. I had previously been feeling completely uninspired re: Shabbos dinner, but I feel much better now. Oh, it would probably help to give some thought to shabbos lunch, but I forgot about that. Phooey. Guess I'm not going to bed anytime soon. Oh well, it's only 1am now.

Anywho, we were in the produce section of Whole Foods for probably 45 minutes and still didn't see all the fun fruits and veggies they had. But the section was definitely inspiring me to come up with some yummy dishes. I only went in there to buy fruit for fruit salad (I've been doing a fruit salad every shabbos for several weeks and it works out really well. I like it!

For fruit salad I got: Pineapple, honeydew (bring on the migraines!), watermelon, mango, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries (ick), blackberries, raspberries, and dried fruit to sprinkle on top. I think that's it. There might have been more that I'm forgetting.

BUT, I also saw amazing looking orange and yellow bell peppers and I had to have them! I figure I'll do some stewed peppers with onions right before shabbos. Mushrooms too. Porcini, bella, shitake, oyster...you name it. Well, that meant I needed to make soup. And, um, NOT burn it this week. And Spinach! Lots o' spinach! And fresh basil! So meat lasagna it was! And beautiful huge onions. And some apples called pink ladies or something. Mmm. Mmmm. And beautiful cucumbers and vine ripened tomatoes. Along with some garlic and basil, that'll make a lovely marinated dish. Mmmmm. Mmmm. And summer squash. That's quick and easy, and incredibly TASTY!

So yeah. I spent a lot of money on, well, produce. And I had a good time doing it too! And I found fake pop tarts. Organic toaster pastries or some such things. And they're KOSHER! (And no hydrogenated oils, which is even better) Oh the wonderful things I found! Also lots of gluten free products which I must remember next time Becky's mom is in town. I had no idea you could make gluten free pasta (well, none of that was kosher, so I won't be getting it, but it's neat!). It's made from brown rice. Weird, huh?

Oh! And Apple Cider! Yum!

Basically a good time was had at Whole Foods. Julian had a great time too. He flirted with everyone, including the bearded lady who tried to give him a strawberry. He loved seeing all the colors and shapes of all the neat fruits. He really liked the look of the star fruit. After we came home, he ate a half a pint of blueberries, and about a dozen grapes, along with a couple vegetarian chicken nuggets, some cheese, a couple groupies (pareve goldfish crackers), two pieces of watermelon and a bit of a piece of honeydew. Clearly he was hungry!

Anyway, I said this was a shabbos update. So here's the deal:

Soup: Mushroom & Onion soup with kielbasa and alphabet pasta (I was out of orzo). Tasty! Anywho, this is DONE!
Lasagna: DONE! Well, it's assembled anyway. It's a cheeseless lasagna with meat, onions, mushrooms, spinach, basil (and well, you know, tomato sauce and noodles). This is in the fridge!
Mushrooms: Oh, haven't done those yet. Will do.

I was going to make fish, but I've decided not to.

Tomorrow when I get home I shall sautee the summer squash, assemble the fruit salad, pop the lasagna in the oven, heat up the garlic bread, make the tomato & cucumber salad, think strongly about making a green salad, and voila! Dinner! Mmmm. Mmmmmm.

I think that's enough. So off to contemplate shabbos lunch and clean up the kitchen after doing my mushrooms. I'm trying to decide whether to use a shabbos icon or my domestic goddess icon. But I think I have to use the goddess icon, because SHE"S BACK, BABY!

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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cleobatya From: cleobatya Date: April 15th, 2005 05:27 am (UTC) (Link)
i have had those whole foods experiences in teh produce department many times. and your fruitsalad is ZEEEEE BEST!
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 05:30 am (UTC) (Link)
aw thanks. I'm pretty proud of my fruit salad. I think it's yummy. I could eat nothing but my fruit salad for shabbos and be completely happy.
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 05:31 am (UTC) (Link)
P.S. You're welcome to join us for shabbos. Probably won't sit down to eat until 8:30, but not sure you'd still be able to get to yoga if you did that.
cleobatya From: cleobatya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
thank you, actually this week i have friends and cousin visiting from israel.
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
excellent. Just reminding you that you're always welcome.
either_or From: either_or Date: April 15th, 2005 05:50 am (UTC) (Link)
are you allergic to honeydew? i can't eat fresh pineapple.
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 06:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Allergic is too strong a term. It gives me a migraine. But not as badly as canteloupe.

You're the second person I've met who can't eat fresh pineapple. beckyfeld can't either. Once she accused me of trying to poison her with my fruit salad.
kmelion From: kmelion Date: April 15th, 2005 06:04 am (UTC) (Link)
I add walnts to my fruit salad for added crunch...I also try to keep away from too many black- and raspberries, since the seeds tend to get stck in my teeth :)

But that's given me a great idea for Pesach dessert.
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 06:14 am (UTC) (Link)
I only put a few blackberries in it, and the raspberries I have less problem with. Mostly, I focus on the pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, and mango.

And I love having fruit salad during pesach. There's so much heavy stuff during Pesach that it's a relief to have something light and sweet with my meal.
real_bethy From: real_bethy Date: April 15th, 2005 08:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Yummy! You've made me hungry!
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm hungry too. Unfortunately, I was in a rush to get out of the house this morning (yay for sleep deprivation!) and I forgot my lunch.
magid From: magid Date: April 15th, 2005 10:50 am (UTC) (Link)
I think I've seen all-rice pasta somewhere hechshered (now if I could remember where...).

And yay! for pop tarts.

And I love having that inspiration in produce sections (though it's less frequent now with produce deliveries), especially since it feels like the majority of what I cook is veggies.

(I hope you got enough sleep to be functional today...)
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 11:11 am (UTC) (Link)
I was not remotely functional when the kid woke up. I am now mostly functional. Yay for 3 hours sleep.

During the winter I tend to shove grocery shopping on Seth so I have to have inspiration and then tell him what to get. It's much more fun to see something and decide I want to do something with it.

And I managed to resist buying a single potato!
magid From: magid Date: April 15th, 2005 11:17 am (UTC) (Link)
For me, I go through vegetable phases, and strangely enough, I wasn't using potatoes much at all. Now I'm getting them in the delivery (this week, anyway), and it's fun. But somehow not quite a vegetable, not like greens or something.

Oh, and I've shifted most of my cooking, too. I used to use Thursday, but I'm lucky enough to get off early on Friday year-round, and somehow I'm managing to use pre- and post-work times more efficiently to cook. (Though I'm cooking for just me + guests, which is rarely 2 mealsworth of guests.). Weird, but somehow it still works.

And definitely yay for sleep, though I'd be not at all functional on 3 hours...
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love potatoes. But recently, I've been buying them and not using them. Or buying too many and then forgetting about the ones I didn't use. So I don't want anymore potatoes until Pesach!

I used to get off at noon on Fridays. I fought with my boss about it every week, but I realize now it was completely worth the fight. Now I've got a new (better) job, but I don't get off early on Fridays (except during the winter). I'm much happier in this job, so I can't complain. So I won't. I just haven't adjusted really well to getting my cooking done ahead of time. I'm sure eventually it will work out.

I'm not sure why I'm so functional on 3 hours of sleep, myself. But somehow, I'm doing all right. I'm sure tonight will be, uh, interesting.
magid From: magid Date: April 15th, 2005 02:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've forgotten potatoes; they end up growing far too fast in my kitchen, alas.

I'm lucky to have the flexibility I do; the office in general is mellow, and I told them up front about leaving on Fridays, which has worked out great so far. Good luck figuring out a better schedule... 'cause really, 3 hours of sleep is not ideal :-)
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 11:12 am (UTC) (Link)


It's pathetic that my secret craving was for pop tarts. I admit that they're vile, but I loved them.
magid From: magid Date: April 15th, 2005 11:19 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: P.S.

I haven't had a pop tart in years, and I can totally understand craving them. Were these any good? (And if so, what's the brand? Maybe I can get them at my Whole Foods.)

estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:24 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: P.S.

I don't have the brand in front of me, but I'll look it up. They were decent. Not amazing. The fruit flavor was a little too genuine and there wasn't nearly enough artificial coloring in them. But yeah, it was tasty and *almost* worked for a craving. The fruit flavor was REALLY strong.
magid From: magid Date: April 15th, 2005 02:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: P.S.

I haven't had one in so long I've forgotten the balance of real/fake in them, so more real fruit flavor would probably work for me.
From: gittygiggles Date: April 15th, 2005 12:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
do you do anythign special to your fruit salad or just throw it in a bowl???

i'm uninspired about waht to make for lunch. it's dairy sahbbos again
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mostly, I make it pretty. Very pretty. But it's really just fruit in a bowl. I cut the fruit into very small pieces, because I like it better that way. More fruit flavor in every bite that way! I put the pineapple on the bottom, then the honeydew (I don't use much because I can't eat much), then strawberries (also cut into small pieces), Kiwi, and berries. Sometimes I sprinkle some walnuts and/or dried fruit over the top.

During the winter sometimes you have to jazz it up more to make it sweeter, but this time of year it's fine.

As for lunch, how about:
It's pretty tasty. I used linguine instead of macaroni the one time I made it. I don't think I would have liked it with macaroni.
From: gittygiggles Date: April 15th, 2005 01:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
you are my hero!!! that recipe sounds orgasmic! and ic an use up my noodles! asher eats macaroni easier :)
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
it's pretty tasty. The dressing could use a little more kick, but you can play with it.
From: gittygiggles Date: April 15th, 2005 01:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
i have noodles a boilin' now!
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 01:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
re: dressing needing more kick... maybe a little more garlic, or some salt or something. Not that I'm encouraging high sodium intakes, but a sprinkle of salt might zing it up a little.
magid From: magid Date: April 15th, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
Or more pepper, freshly ground?
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: April 15th, 2005 02:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
I put a lot of freshly ground pepper in it when I made it (I can't remember what the recipe really calls for).

It's very tasty. It's just that it's not QUITE as flavorful as you might expect out of it.
cellio From: cellio Date: April 15th, 2005 05:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mostly, I make it pretty. Very pretty.

I can attest to this.
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