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  • I'm really ticked about the termites because this wouldn't have been our responsibility to deal with had my realtor not screwed up the contract in the first place. We didn't find out until closing that she had (oopsie!) accidentally voided the termite clause in the contract. We couldn't walk away because we'd closed on the house we were selling earlier that day, plus we would have lost our deposit (which was quite significant)
  • I've discovered the world's greatest exercise videos: The Wiggles! They are quite amazing workouts if you do all the dances along with them. Holy Schmoly! They *hurt*!
  • My building (along with several others) was evacuated mid-day yesterday because of a water main break. No bathrooms=no building to work in. Probably cost the taxpayers a lot of money. I'm definitely old if I'm thinking that.
  • I had mikveh duty on Monday. It occured to me that sometimes I find myself wondering how I got roped into doing it in the first place. Ultimately, it doesn't matter; I wouldn't give up doing it. For no matter how much I question my own frumkeit, this is one way that I can help other women fulfill their own mitzvos. So at least I have *that* connection, even when nothing else seems to be clicking.
  • It's going to cost about $500 to treat (read: kill) the termites. That's not including fixing any of the damage they've already done. ARGH!
    • Did I mention that the termites are pretty disgusting? I walked in on a swarm, yes a swarm of them in the laundry room Thursday. That's how I found out about the stupid things. I hate them!

  • I'm not being productive enough. This is not good.
  • My eye lid hurts. No, not my eyelid. The lid on my eye. That hurts. A lot. It feels like a scratch, but it isn't. It hurts like a *bleepity bleep*.
  • Julian is a bouncy ball o' fun. He loves to bounce on my bed, throw the pillows over the side, bounce some more, giggle, throw himself down and cocoon under the covers, and get up and bounce again. Unfortunately, this morning all that bouncing didn't agree with the milk he'd had to drink when he woke up, so he threw up all over my comforter and the clothes I'd just dressed him in. Then, of course, he was sad, so he wanted a hug. So *I* had to change clothes even though I was just about ready for work until then. Ick. Poor bouncy baby.
  • I had other things to say, but I can't remember any of them anymore.
  • Pesach cleaning is ... slow. And boring. And every time I start something, it seems like I get distracted, or I have to re-do it for some reason or whatever. So I've got a couple of rooms done, but I think I can basically count on doing this all Tuesday night. Whoo hoo.
  • I'm in desperate need of inspiration for shabbos dinner. HELP! MUST COOK TOMORROW. I'm scared because of last week's failure, which is stupid because I've done HOW many successful shabbos meals and I only failed once? Still. Feeling uninspired.
  • I am not a domestic goddess anymore. Bleh.
  • Central Air Conditioning is being installed this week. Pretty nifty. I'm so happy. I hope the A/C guys don't turn up any more termite nests. That would make me sad. And mad. But not glad.
  • I think I may actually be delirious.
  • The Washington Nationals open their season tomorrow. Incredible.
  • Dry Cleaners down here all suck. Well, that's probably not true. All the ones we've tried (4) near us are evil.
  • I do not keep cholov yisroel. I am not writing this to invite anyone to tell me why I should keep it or how much more fulfilled my life would be if I did. I'm merely providing some background to the following: I'm eating a couple Hershey's Miniatures. I picked up a miniature that is labelled just like a regular Hershy's bar, except it's a light brown and gold wrapper instead of dark brown and silver of a traditional plain hershey's bar. The one in the special wrapper says "Milk Chocolate with Peanuts." Nifty, says I. Normally I don't like peanuts mixed with chocolate, but I like Mr. Goodbar's, so maybe I'll like this one. Wait a minute. What's a Mr. Goodbar? Oh let's check the label. It says "Peanuts in Milk Chocolate." What the heck is the difference between the two?????? Weird.
  • I guess I had more to say than I thought.

Good bye.
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