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Fun with Kidney Stones

Ira is still with me. Bleargh.
I had a stent put in yesterday which was supposed to make everything better. Well, it didn't. I feel worse. This morning, I felt better and I was pretty optimistic about it. Then the Demerol wore off and I realized how wrong I was. Hopefully the doctor will have something useful to say if I call him tomorrow. I'm not going to go into work tomorrow, but I'm going to try and make it in on Thursday.

On two brighter notes: Lis had a beautiful baby girl, Yael. Both baby and mommy look and sound happy and healthy, and I'm so happy for them. :)

AND, the company that handles my disability paperwork called me today and it turns out that even though I worked part time from home the first week that I was out of the office, they can cover some of the part time hours! Whoo hoo. So not all is lost. Whew. So hopefully finances will be looking up a little bit.

Now time for MORE DRUGS.

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