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I like books on tape. True, I'd much prefer reading the actual book than listening to it (particularly since the vast majority of books on tape are abridged), but I spend a fair amount of time in my car and I like to have something to listen to other than the radio. When I was in law school, I listened to Property and Contracts lessons. That was actually great. I didn't fall asleep or anything! Anyway, aside from educational purposes, I enjoy books on tape. I should actually say "audio books" because now I buy them on CDs.

I bought a couple audio books before I took Charlie down to Petersburg. I figured it would be at least 5 hours round trip and I hate flipping stations around once I start losing them. I could have brought just plain music CDs, but sometimes I get bored with that too.

Driving to and back from Petersburg, I listened to Robert Crais' Hostage, read by the author. My husband and brother-in-law have been trying to get me to read Robert Crais for a while, but I've resisted. Since Hostage is apparently not part of the series of books that I've been told to read, it seemed safe to get without having read the others. It was an excellent book. Yes, I was wrong, my brother-in-law was right, it's all good, just don't tell him I said that. ;)

Anyway, I'd bought two just in case I didn't like the Crais novel. Though I could have retunred the other, I decided to listen to it as well on my way to and from work. The Crais book was far superior, but the second book was read by a stage actor, and therefore it was still engaging. Interesting how that worked.
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