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One of these days I'm going to get to bed before 2am Thursday/Friday. Grrr.

Garlic Roast Chicken - Check
Mushroom Barley Soup - Check
Broccoli Kugel - 15 minutes left (in the oven)
Craisin Salad - tomorrow
Garlic Mashed Potatoes - ooops. Forgot. Tomorrow, I guess.
Tomato Salad - Tomorrow
Fruit Salad - Er, also tomorrow.

I feel like such a slug for not having gotten more done. Seth pointed out that I also worked all day, but whatever. Actually, I didn't work all day. I worked 6 hours and then went to a dentist appointment. 1.75 hours. Bleh. And I fell asleep in the chair. My dentist is THAT good! (no, he's not a sedation dentist.

Oh, I knew I did something else! I put together everything for the cholent. Just have to turn on the crock pot tomorrow and it'll be set.

Oh well, at least Shabbos is coming in late tomorrow so I'll have time to catch up. I so wish we'd hired the cleaning lady for EVERY week, not just every other week. Bleh. Well, she's going to come one extra week for us so that I've got her before Pesach. But I'm not sure we could spend the money every week anyway. At some point, maintenance will become easier. Like when Julian goes to college.

Julian was a happy, happy boy today, which was fabulous since I was exhausted from my dentist appointment. I had to keep my jaw open for far too long. Made me really tense. Totally exhausted me. That's probably what led me to falling asleep in the chair.

Way too hot in the house tonight, so happy air conditioning will be installed next week. Never thought we'd need it so early. Not sure why I'm not typing whole sentences. Oh well. Must be tired. Hopefully the kugel will be done soon and I can GO TO BED.
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