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Spring is here...

You know how I know that Spring is here? Because my uncontrollable sneezing fits have tripled. And I was already having them every hour or so. Hooray.

On brighter notes, other signs of spring:
  • There are two blooms on my camelia! This, despite the fact that we didn't cover it through the winter to protect it from the ice.
  • We found our first ant of the season and now have an appointment with the pest control people next week.
  • Robins are coming back. Birds are chirping (too flipping early in the morning, but I'll live).
  • Our dogwood is starting to bud.
  • I found an azalea bloom. Just one.
  • Before we sent him to his foster home, Charlie was shedding his winter coat like MAD.
  • Did I mention those damn chirping birds in the MORNING?
  • My office is broiling again. Disgusting. It's supposed to be 80 degrees today. That's. Just. Wrong.

That is all.
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