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My new Hero, Shabbos, and Sunday

This past Shabbos (Apr. 1-2) was delightful despite a tantrum toward the end of shabbos. The tantrum was Julian's not mine. Seth and I had our own (separate) tantrums after shabbos. But that's another story.

First, I must say I discovered that I have a new hero. Her name is Donna and she's our new cleaning person. I came home Friday afternoon to an incredibly fresh and clean smelling home, where the floors had just been washed, the bathroom was spotless, the counters were clean, the bed was made (okay, I did that in the morning), the carpets were vacuumed, the windowsills were dusted and it was AMAZING. Every single itty bitty speck of guilt/inadequacy that I had previously felt is GONE. FOREVER. I love Donna. She's my hero. (Heroine?) She just MADE MY WEEK. Hooray. I was able to come home and finish my shabbos cooking. That's it. I didn't have to worry about anything else, because everything else was already done. Hooray. Unbelievable, no? If we had the money, I'd have her come every week. I might have her come every week anyway.

We had no Abensons, which is a darned shame, but we'll get them again on the, um, 15th, I think. If not then, maybe the 29th? Not sure. We had the Felds, as is becoming our habit, which is just dandy by me. And Becky's parents were still in town, so we had the pleasure of their company as well. We actually weren't originally expecting Harold as we thought he'd still be out of town, but we found out (to our delight) that Harold would be back just before shabbos, so hooray! Since Harold was out of town until the very last second, we had the pleasure of the extended Feld/Pearlman clan for both meals.

It's already fading in my memory, so I just want to get down what we had so that I can look back later while I'm trying to figure shabbos meal planning out. I don't like to get too repetetive, but I do also like to remember which things worked well with other things and so on.

Anyway, Friday night we had exactly enough food, which was pretty cool. We had:
  • Duck Soup (Harold made that with Purim leftovers)
  • Garlic Roasted Chicken
  • Garlic/Dill Mashed potatoes (these were a little too dilly, and I also had them in the oven reheating for FAR too long, but they were extremely yummy, and there were NONE left at the end of the night)
  • Yummy salad with celery dressing. Well, it's not celery dressing, but I don't know what else to call it. It's got 6 stalks of pureed celery in it. But it's extremely yummy and I made it specifically for beckyfeld's mother since I knew she liked it.
  • sauteed mushrooms and garlic
  • sauteed summer squash (with garlic, of course)
  • Apple Cobbler, sort of.

I don't think I'm missing anything. It was all yummy. Very yummy. The apple cobbler was only sort-of apple cobbler because the theme of the meal (aside from "garlic, garlic, garlic!") was "as wheat-free as possible" as Becky's mom has a wheat sensitivity. So the apple cobbler topping was oats and brown sugar and margarine. Usually there's also flour, but I left it out. Still tasty, but very different.

Saturday lunch was more challenging as I do so seriously lack the skillz to have nice shabbos lunches, but I was really pleased with how shabbos lunch turned out. Again, I was trying to be as wheat free as possible, with the exception of my fish, which I made specifically for Aaron and which couldn't really be wheat-free. But Becky's mom knew that and she knew that I'd made them for her grandson and she's always gracious about such things. She actually commented to me that it was so nice to have so many things she could eat, as she often finds only one or two things she can eat at other people's homes. Hooray for me. Saturday lunch consisted of:
  • Fish fritters as a first course.
  • Chicken salad. I had to fake this a bit as I was out of pecans, so I couldn't make my normal chicken salad. So I used apples and walnuts among other things. This turned out to be quite tasty and I was pleased with it.
  • Humus and Pita
  • Deviled eggs (this was a last minute inspiration as I had been planning to do egg salad, but ended up doing deviled eggs instead)
  • Tomato/Cucumber salad. Alas, there was no basil. But it was tasty.
  • Fruit salad with: Pineapple (I made a separate bowl sans pineapple for Becky who is allergic to fresh pineapple), HoneyDew, Canteloupe, Strawberries, Raspberries, Kiwi, and Mango. Yummers! I love fruit salad and I've been on a HUGE fruit salad kick recently. Plus, I make a very pretty fruit salad, so it's fun to present. :)
  • Another celery-salad. Still quite tasty.
  • Hamentashen (store bought) and meringues (meringues are great since they're wheat free) for dessert.

It was all tasty, and again there was almost exactly the right amount of food. Mrs. bodnej gave me a new, fool-proof way to boil eggs. Put eggs in water. Bring to a strong, rolling boil. Turn off heat, cover pot. Let sit on burner for 15 minutes. I was wary that I'd end up with raw egg salad, but it worked beautifully. No overcooked eggs, no soft-boiled eggs. It was great. Yes, I am hard-boiling impaired. I'm not good at it and I don't know why. Since I don't seem to have many other major impairments with cooking, I'm content to call Laura for advice every single time I make hard boiled eggs. It just works better that way.

Anyway, lunch was uber-delish and I was so happy that I made such an enormous fruit salad. That's mostly what I had for lunch and it was FANTASTIC if I do say so myself. Basically, I rock.

Seth and I both got a nap in, which was great. I had a ridiculous migraine from the canteloupe, which was bad. But almost worth it. Julian had a ridiculous fit about an hour before shabbos. That's two shabboses in a row where he's had an afternoon fit. And I mean seriously ridiculous hysterics. With no apparent cause. And NO consolation. UGH. This better not be a pattern.

After shabbos, I made a trip to Tar-jay for some odds and ends and found several nice blouses that AREN'T Black or Blue. I received a complaint from a friend that I wear too much blue. I look fabulous in blue, so there. But anyway, I got several lovely shirts which also look fabulous on me that are not blue, so maybe she'll be happy! ;) I certainly am. I'm wearing one of the blouses now and it looks faboo. After Target, I went to Borders to buy a book on tape because Sunday I drove 6 hours round trip to take Charlie to his new foster home. Poor Charlie. He cried for the ENTIRE 2 3/4 hour trip. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss the little guy. Poor Charlie. :(

Anyway, that's it. I enjoyed my audio book. It was a good (and productive) weekend. I just didn't get to see enough of Seth is all.
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