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quickies (part 1)

Clearly I'll never find the time for separate entries about Purim, various shabboses, etc. Obviously I'm never going to find time for all the posts that need to be done. So here's a very long quickies post with summaries. How's that?
  • Purim was great. Lots of food. Lots of people. Lots of booze (not for me). Lots of hamentashen. Good company and all that. cellio wrote far more than I did about Purim. I met a few new people, got to enjoy some good food and all was well in the world.
    • Purim started with Breakfast at Chez Cohen which consisted of waffles (made with my new waffle stick maker). They were tasty. Also pancakes made from the basic pancake recipe from The Joy of Cooking. They were extremely tasty. This is comning from a chick who hates pancakes usually. For toppings we had maple syrup, fresh whipped cream, pureed strawberries and blueberries, and ligonberry syrup. Breakfast also featured fruit salad (provided generously by leahmiriam), sangria (made by yours truly), and mimosas, though I'm not sure anyone drank mimosas). Others took the initiative to make Irish coffee since there was liquor, coffee, and whipped cream in the house. Yum.
    • Lunch had, um, other stuff. But I didn't cook it so I'm having trouble remembering. I was also sleepy and therefore not there for very long. Same thing for Dinner...I had thrown out my back somehow so I took a muscle relaxant and went to sleep instead of going for shabbos dinner (back at chez Feld)

  • The next day (shabbos) was also quite nice. I almost went to shul, but had forgotten Julian's diaper bag when I walked cellio up to the shul and I realized as we were leaving the house that Julian already had a nice stinky diaper. I didn't want to leave him in that all morning. It was nice having cellio and her husband for Purim/Shabbos, though. It was fun watching Dani interact with Julian. Julian LOVED Dani. For lunch, we had fewer people than I'd thought we were having, which is fine. We had The Felds (Harold, beckyfeld, & Aaron), Becky's parents, Monica & Dani, and ourselves, of course. So we had to bring a second table down, but that was easy enough. I'm really bad with doing shabbos lunches, so I was glad it turned out so well. I made:
    • Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche,
    • Asparagus-Dill Quiche,
    • Tomato-Feta Tart,
    • Green Salad with Feta Cheese,
    • A Spanish Potato Omelet (Tortilla con Papas),
    • and fresh fruit salad.
    I'm probably missing something on that list, but anyway, it was tasty. And, happily, there was enough food for everyone. For dessert we had lots of yummy treats from the shaloch manos we'd received on Friday. It was an excellent dessert.

Well, now I'm realizing that this probably warrants its own post since this wasn't exactly quick. So I'm retitling this post "Quickies (part 1)" instead of just "quickies"

Posts to come should include : Banquet stuff, Shabbos food (Apr. 1-2), Charlie, my new hero, and um, other stuff.
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