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Quarterfinals!! (this post strictly for Monica's benefit...)

The US just beat Mexico 2-0 to go on to the quarterfinals against (three-time world cup champion) Germany on Friday!! Definitely a shock for me...the US has never won a knock-out round in the World Cup before!

It was an incredibly physical game...I've never seen so many blatantly evil fouls...many of which went undetected. 10 yellow cards came out-8 of which came out in the second half. And in the 88th minute, Mexico drew a Red card when Marquez (Mexico's Captain) viciously head-butted Jones in the face, so they were down a player with 2 minutes to go (plus another 5 minutes stoppage time).

The US was lucky, though, a handball was not called on the US in the US penalty area--this could have resulted in a penalty kick for Mexico, which could have been disastrous, because at that point, it would have tied the score and might have changed the US mindset.

Ultimately, the US won with a goal in the 8th minute (McBride) and in the 65th minute (Donovan). Friedel (US Goalkeeper) truly earned his title "the human wall" in this game and didn't let down the US fans.


Now if only I hadn't been awake for the game.... I'm still in a lot of pain, though I had a really good day today with very little pain. Around 6 or 7 I started feeling more pain and it's been getting steadily worse. I'm nauseated, in pain, exhausted and generally unhappy with Ira right now. But I'm cheered by the US victory.

Oh, and while I'm on this sports stuff....Tiger Woods won the US Open today. He's won 7 of the last 11 Master's he's competed in. He rocks. He's only 26.

But now I'm gonna go take some more drugs and hope for sleep before dawn....

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