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shabbos update

Roast Chicken - Check
Fish Fritters - Check
Apple Cobbler - Check
Garlic Dill Mashed potatos - check. but way too much dill in them. Oh well.
Celery Salad - er. no.
Soup - Harold's bringing soup so I no longer need to make soup.
Absolutely anything for Saturday lunch: um, oops.

Darnit. When is this all getting done???

I have, however, done some de-cluttering so that the cleaning lady can actually, you know, clean tomorrow. How ironic is that? I cleaned for the cleaning lady.

Ah well, at least our windows will be pretty. Our new blinds were installed today. Whoo hoo! Yay for new blinds! Boo hoo for no more money!

I should probably go to sleep soon. But first, some pictures:
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