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We did an important thing this morning. In the long run, it will be nothing but good. But in the short term, it's making me feel rather inadequate.

I hired a cleaning service to come bi-weekly. Originally all I wanted was the floors and the bathroom, but her rate is so amazing (half of several other quotes) that we'll just have her come in and do her thing. Bathrooms, floors, baseboards, windowsills, cabinets (wipe down), counters, glass front door.

I feel ridiculous that I can't even keep a handle on keeping our floors clean. As it is, it falls on Seth 55-65% of the time. Though I've been doing a lot more with the floors than I used to. The cleaning person made the good point that once we've gotten into a routine and she's gotten things up to where I want them, maintenance will be much easier. She also said I'll feel a lot more relaxed, and she's probably right. As it is, if I'm not cleaning something when I'm home, I feel guilty. That doesn't mean I'm ALWAYS cleaning something. It means I spend a lot of time feeling guilty.

So I am no longer a domestic goddess. But at least my houe will be cleaner.
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