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Things I am grateful for

  1. Seth.
  2. A great child in my life.
  3. Chamomille Tea (I usually hate chamomille, but today it's been a god-send).
  4. Modern-ish medicine.
  5. Percocet
  6. Having a great job with a great boss and a great client which allows me to support my materialistic side.
  7. Shabbos. It's always right around the corner.
  8. Fabulous friends.
  9. Seth
  10. Law & Order DVDs (though I'd be more thrilled if Season 3 were on DVD)
  11. Strawberries.
  12. Washing machines.
  13. Paper Clips (seriously... can you imagine life before paper clips and staplers?)
  14. Graphing Calculators.
  15. Humor.
  16. Alpacas.
  17. Vam.
  18. Scotch.
  19. Seth.
  20. Socks! I love fuzzy, stripey socks.
  21. Cucumbers.
  22. Sliced bread. I'm serious.
  23. Refrigerators.
  24. Dry Cleaners.
  25. Department stores.
  26. photocopiers.
  27. Aluminum foil and plastic wrap.
  28. Washing Machines.
  29. Air conditioning.
  30. Seth.

I was going to put "Hashem" at the top of the list, except the subject line was "Things I'm grateful for" and I think Hashem is more who I'm grateful TO.
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