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Lauren's already seen this since it's the exact text of the email I sent this morning. Please note that my synagogue's banquet is SUNDAY. Please note that the RSVP deadline was March 7th.

Yesterday when I sent the "final" numbers to the person coordinating with the caterer, I said I wasn't going to keep checking my email or answering my phone because we were DONE and it wasn't ALLOWED to change ANYMORE!

Last night I got an email that Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So are coming.

Drat. So I scurried around and figured it out with the person doing the seating and we found a place to put him and it worked. They were at a lousy table, but that's their problem for letting us know four days before the banquet.

I wrote back to the banquet chair saying, "Okay we were able to accomodate them, but this is it."

This morning I got ANOTHER EMAIL WITH ANOTHER PERSON COMING. Which, believe it or not, is working out to having to change around three tables.

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