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Sleep is for the weak. The happy, well-rested weak, but the weak, none-the-less.

Things are just too busy. I normally enjoy being busy, but this week is just too much. Monica and Dani are arriving Thursday night and I fear that my house will still be a disaster when they get here. Hopefully they won't mind. Friday is the Mammoth Purim Seudah (even in its scaled down version this year it's HUGE). Then Shabbos when the Feld/Pearlman clan will join Monica, Dani, Seth, & myself for lunch (total of 13). Haven't figured out when I'm cooking for that. More importantly, I haven't figured out WHAT I'm cooking for that other than a salmon. And I was thinking maybe quiche and salad and fruit. Leave it at that. I figure we'll be full enough from Friday, right? So I have to make the quiche. And the salmon. And the salad dressing. I'll do the celery salad unless anyone has any objections to nuts.

And then SUNDAY, the biggest pain in my tuchis will finally come to an END! The banquet is Sunday evening. Who's brilliant idea was it to hold a banquet two days after Purim? Oh, that's right. I was at the meeting and I said I didn't have any problem with the date. Little did I know. Darnit. I was up until about 1 doing banquet reservation stuff and placecards. I absolutely CANNOT wait until this whole thing is over and done with. How am I supposed to get it all done? Bleh.

And I'm sniffly. My allergies are getting really obnoxious. My nose hurts all the time. My throat hurts a LOT. My head hurts. Why? Oh yeah, it's officially Spring or some such crap. Yeah. Happy spring and stuff.

I can't wait until April. Except then that means all heck breaks lose as I prepare for Pesach. And I STILL don't know what our Pesach plans are. Our Pesach plans are ALWAYS set by now, pretty much.

I need to get something off my plate, but that's a ridiculous thing to say, since a lot of this will be off my plate, just by virtue of being done and over with by next week. So maybe I should just chill out until we get there.

Oh, and we're getting rid of Charlie. He peed on Julian's bed for the 3rd and final time. Fortunately, not the bed that Julian actually sleeps in. But still. A bed in Julian's room that Julian plays on if not sleeps. And now that perfectly good, perfectly useable bed is no longer good and is no longer useable and it is sitting in our garage until we figure out how to dispose of it. Suggestions are welcome.

There's a lot to say about the weekend, but there's too much to say and I have no idea if I'll ever get around to it, so here are some highlights:
  • Friday night Batya came over and she brought presents! It was so good to see her, we had a lovely, simple dinner (I didn't have the energy for more than that). I missed her when she was gone! For the record the menu was:
    • Garlic Roast Chicken, salad (with tomato, cucumber, spring onions, and avacado), garlic mashed potatoes, gravy!, and um, oh yeah, mushroom barley soup was the first course. Oh, and fruit salad for dessert.
    • In the spirit of Friday night dinner tradition, I forgot to serve the apple kugel. For the second week in a row. Darnit!
  • Saturday we had beckyfeld and her parents over for lunch. Becky's mother can't eat wheat, so I did my best to avoid too much wheat at the table. I also avoided any cooking for the meal because I was just too hectic last week. So I relied on a lot of store-bought things. I made a green salad (same as Friday night, for the most part), and chicken salad, but also served store bought wild rice thingy, cucumber salad, marinated mushrooms, and cold cuts. It was actually quite a nice meal. And I served the forgotten kugel.
  • Also on Saturday, Julian and I went for a long walk and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Especially him.
  • Sunday bodnej, Mrs. bodnej, and Jack came over in the morning so we could exchange Chanukkah presents. Yeah, from last Chanukkah. We're THAT behind. We suck. But at least we finally did exchange gifts!
  • After the Bodnej's came, Seth's classmate Darren came over. He's a great guy and it was good to see him.
  • Finally, I went with leahmiriam to see gittygiggles and her new baby, Red. No, Red isn't his real name. It's temporary until tomorrow's bris. A good time was had by all.

Anyway, that was the bulk of the weekend. The rest of it was spent doing, um, other stuff, largely banquet related.

Oh, the other day I got myself into a real pishing contest in an anti-circumcision debate. It wasn't pretty.

DUH! I almost forgot the most important part! I have pictures partially posted, though I haven't posted the pictures of Red yet. Go check them out:


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