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Last week I ordered a braided rug from LL Bean for the sunroom. The sunroom has tile in it and Julian spends a lot of time playing out there. I would prefer if he had a slightly softer (and warmer!) surface to stumble on. Plus the room just looks... I don't know how to put it. But something about it just isn't quite right without the rug.

Anyway, I came home late-ish last night (6:40 or so) and found it laying on my doorstep. All righty then. So I came inside and told my sick husband that there was a carpet outside. Okay, he shrugged, and then went out and brought it in.

Anyway, here's the rug. We got the oval rug (7' x 9'):

So I'm happy now. Slowly, but surely, our house is becoming a home.
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