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To Do on Sunday

Things I need to accomplish on Sunday: (in no particular order except the first one)
  • Take care of Julian until 9:30 when Seth gets home from shul.
  • Have coffee with Lauren.
  • Buy new chafing dish (maybe)
  • Buy new waffle iron (definitely)
  • Buy a couple pitchers.
  • Go to Container Store for shaloch manos packaging ideas; flour, sugar, and rice containers, and um, other stuff.
  • Buy "shreds"
  • Do SOME tiling downstairs
  • give Seth moral support while he wallpapers if I can convince him to do it Sunday

I'm sure there are other things. Hmmmm. Maybe we should get a babysitter for part of the day. Argh. We'll see. We tried having Seth's mother last week, but Julian ended up not taking his 10am nap and napped at 2 instead, so she ended up not coming over until 4, which means that maybe it wasn't SO useful to have her come, but we did get some more work done than we would have otherwise. Just that we didn't get quite as much relief as we'd hoped. No biggie, though. I'd ask his grandparents to take him for the day, but it's short notice and his grandmother isn't feeling well.
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