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Why couldn't TODAY have been the day that Julian slept until 6:40 instead of yesterday?? And why couldn't TODAY be the day that our nanny arrives 50 minutes early instead of yesterday? (yesterday when she arrived I was taking advantage of Julian's late wake-up, so I wasn't up when she walked in the door... Julian woke up when he heard the door).


My head is pounding, probably from lack of sleep and being jarred awake. My eyes are bleary (so I accept no responsibility for any typos in this post). My whole body is stiff and I can barely turn my neck again. I guess it's time for more muscle relaxants. But not until I get home from work. Le sigh.

Seth's work needs to stop scheduling him on Fridays. Fridays are supposed to be MY day to go in early so that I can get a full day in. Not that I would have especially enjoyed going in at 6:30 today, but having missed several days this week, it sure would have been nice.

I got an apple kugel finished, and I fried 45 pieces of fish. Fortunately, they're small, and it didn't take too long. In other accomplishments last night, I caught up on the backlog of banquet stuff I had to deal with and got the updated spreadsheets off to the relevant people. What else? Oh, yeah, I pretty much accomplished nothing else. I did marinate the chicken and get the cholent together. Seth will pop the chicken in the oven when he gets home. I'll take care of rice and salad when I get home, and hopefully tofu dip. I bought store-bought potato kugel, so fortunately, I don't have to deal with that. I feel like such a lazy slug. I also bought sesame noodles. I suck for not having more in the way of vegetables. We'll see what time I get out of work and maybe I'll be able to rectify that. Wouldn't count on it, though.

On the way home, I have to pick up: soda, lettuce, and a cucumber. Maybe two cucumbers.
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