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Shabbos Dinner Planning

Okay, here's what I expect to go on tonight:
  1. Take off my badge and put it somewhere I won't lose it, change out of work clothes into grungy clothes
  2. Probably waste more time than I was hoping to
  3. Pretend to be productive, while cleverly disguising the fact that I'm still wasting time
  4. Procrastinate for an additional 15 minutes
  5. Freak out, realizing that it's 10pm and I've cooked NOTHING and that I need to get my tuchis in gear if shabbos dinner is going to get on the table.
  6. Go to the grocery store (might be wise to do this while the kosher places are still open instead of after 10pm) to pick up all the stuff I was supposed to pick up yesterday but didn't do because I didn't get out of the house because I'm a lazy slug.
  7. Come home, sort through the groceries for about 20 minutes longer than really necessary, all the while pretending to be strategizing what to start first.
  8. Realize that I've forgotten 7 key ingredients. Beg husband to go back to store for me. Fail miserably becaues it's now midnight and he has to be up at 4:30am. Cry a little, drink three cokes, re-strategize menu
  9. Prepare Potato Kugel and stick in oven. It takes 2 hours to cook.
  10. While kugel is cooking, prepare and cook gefilte fish fritters
  11. While the fish is cooling on paper towels (but before potato kugel is finished cooking), prepare crock pot for cholent for Saturday. This will go in the crock pot tomorrow. Pray.
  12. Marinate chicken, which won't happen because I'll have forgotten to buy chicken, which means I'll be stuck figuring out what's in my freezer that could turn into something resembling dinner.
  13. Prepare marinated tomato salad.
  14. After kugel comes out of oven, pop in almonds and sesame seeds to toast for tomorrow's salad.
  15. Pop chicken in oven. I don't normally cook it ahead of time, but I'll be getting home quite late.
  16. write myself a note to make rice when I get home Friday. I'll probably forget, but I'll write the note for good measure anyway.
  17. Contemplate crawling into bed, but actually collapse on kitchen floor. Wake up several hours later and crawl into bed. Hubby's alarm goes off 20 minutes later. Cry self back to sleep and pray that Julian doesn't hear Seth get up. Wake up ~6, get ready, get Julian fed, leave for work when Gina arrives, pray that I hadn't forgotten anything vital.

And you know what? I even forgot something vital in THIS post. I forgot about the apple kugel for Saturday's lunch. CRUD.

So things I definitely need to buy:
  • Apples
  • eggs (we are forever going through eggs.
  • chicken
  • Spinach
  • Craisins

Aside from that, I can't really remember what I need.
Tags: schedule, shabbos, stress

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