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ramble about.... oh all right, how about Purim?

Apparently, people missed me. Now they're going to be sick of me. Bwah hah hah! Just a few random tidbits:
  • Who was the genius who decided it would be a good idea to have the shul banquet two days after Purim? Like we don't have enough going on in our busy little lives? Oh, wait. I was on the committee that picked the date. Nevermind. Couldn't we just move Purim this year? Oh, that's right, it WAS moved...that whole leap year thing. Right. Okay, so basically, I need to stop complaining about that one.
  • Every year, beckyfeld and Harold have a fabulous Purim Seudah (festive meal). It involves vast quantities of food, singing, drinking, drunken debauchery (okay, not so much of that), and um, general festiveness. This year is more complicated because the Seudah is erev Shabbos, so it has to take place earlier, so that we can all be hungry (okay, sober would be good too) for Shabbos. That prompted some of the regular participants to contemplate having a breakfast/brunch event that was dairy. Now, really, no Feld event is dairy. It's just not done! Anyway, The compromise (because when it comes down to it, this is Harold's seudah, even if other people have taken ownership of it in that they help plan the logisitics...yes it's THAT big) was to have a two part event. Dairy breakfast, meat lunch. Harold firmly believes that a seudas mitzvah should include meat. I'm with him. So what's happening is that oodles of people will flock to Chez Cohen (that's our house) for a dairy breakfast with sangria, mimosas, coffee, and tea. No bread...no washing, no nothin'. At 11:30 we all stumble the two blocks to Chez Feld for the fleishig seudah with the usual oodles of food (though less than last year), singing, drinking etc. At 2:30 or 3 we break, turn over the house for Shabbos and go sleep off the drunkenness. At 6 we'll all meet back for shabbos at Chez Feld. Lunch on Saturday (much smaller crowd) will be at my house. Suffice it to say, Purim (and the subsequent shabbos) will be a busy time for me (and others, of course). So having the banquet two days later... well, sheesh!
  • Unfortunately, I've done very little planning on my shaloch manos. I normally have a list of who we're giving them to, and what I'm putting into the baskets and a schedule of when I'll bake whatever I'm baking to go in the baskets. I believe that this year no such lists will be made, no actual baking will be done, and we're going for simple and sweet. So there. This is just not the year for me to be more creative than that. Isn't it enough that I'll be making waffles and pancakes for heaven knows how many people?
  • So I asked someone, but I'll ask everyone else, too. Do I have to actually deliver shaloch manos to people, or can I give them to people that are at my house? The other possibility is delivering via proxy, which I'm imagining is fine.
  • I also feel that I spend a lot of money on these things every year and usually a lot of man hours (creating packaging, baking, delivering, etc.) which is really technically overkill right? Don't I just have to give two different kinds of ready-to-eat-food to two different people? It's not that I mind doing it. I rather like doing it. It's sort of the Jewish version of sending out Christmas cookies. But it's just that I feel like that money could be better put into charity. Or soup kitchens. Or something... Doesn't it seem a tad materialistic that I go through this? Or am I just overreacting and trying to find excuses out of the work this year.

Okay, so that's the gist. I still have to write a rant about Charlie and the evil S(rest of name omitted). I'll get to it eventually.
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