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All right. I give up. I've gone 220 entries back on my friends page and I still haven't caught up. So far as I'm concerned, nothing that important could have happened in any of your lives. I know G didn't have her baby yet, so that's the most urgent thing for me to know.

As for the rest of you, if you've gotten engaged, divorced, hired, fired, kicked, punched, romanced, accepted to grad school, rejected from grad school, or whatever, please let me know and point me to the good, bad, or ugly news. If you've gotten pregnant, I really don't need to know. I'm kidding. If you're pregnant and you didn't tell me, you'd better tell me now!

Right. Now that that's out of the way... I can get on with what's going on with me.

First, I'm not pregnant. Not that any of you thought I was, but on Thursday I found out about someone who just had a baby that I didn't even realize was pregnant. She's been married less than a year. On Saturday, I found out about two women that are pregnant. They've both been married less than a year. On Sunday, I found out about another friend who is pregnant. I'm not, and am apparently never going to be. If ONE MORE PERSON asks me if Seth and I are intentionally waiting, I will kick them in the shins. Hard.

Okay, as for other stuff... er...

  • It snowed this morning. Very hard for 15 minutes. It's all gone now. It was all gone within an hour. But I thought it was pretty funny. Everyone seriously FREAKED OUT. Over fifteen minutes of snow that melted 15 minutes after it stopped falling. Chill Out People!
  • Julian finally cut a new tooth. One of his canines cut through. I feel vindicated now, because for quite some time now I've been saying I think he's teething. Now I've got proof!!! His gums are still quite swollen and he's still chewing on EVERYTHING (including chairs, books, his fists, his clothing, his stuffed animals, the couch, his spoon even when it doesn't have food on it, his high chair, etc.), so I think he's still working on a couple other teeth.
  • I have a sinus infection. I am on yet another antibiotic. I am annoyed. The sinus infection led to seriously annoyingly awful horrendous migraines that lasted for days, which led to (believe it or not) muscle spasms in my neck. For a couple of days I couldn't turn my head to the side. This was not only annoying and painful, but made it impossible to do much driving. Suffice it to say, I didn't make it to work the first part of the week.
  • Not to be outdone by have_inner_lady and predigested, we are on a new home-improvement kick. On Sunday, sethcohen's mother came over and watched Julian while we did home improvementy things:
      Seth got the walls in the kitchen primed so we can hang wallpaper. Now we just have to hang the dreaded paper. We got yellow paper with very subtle darker yellow stripes. The only other paper I liked that wouldn't have looked totally out of place was blue. Seth didn't want blue. I can't figure out why, but recently he's had a block against anything blue being used to decorate the house. This makes me a little sad since my favorite color is blue, but I also know this is a phase for him. He also said "no yellow" at one point. So eventually, I'll convince him of how wrong he is about blue and the world will be right again. :)
    • I tiled the TV room in the basement over the course of a few days. Granted, it's peel and stick tile, but given the nature of that stupid, bumpy, lumpy, dirty, old, decrepit floor, I still had to spread yucky adhesivey-goo on the floor first, wait for it to get tacky, stick the tiles down, pray that they were straight, cut tiles (I left MUCH of the cutting to Seth but not all of it), and repeat. The TV room is now 99% finished (just a couple edge pieces to do), and I've started into the hallway between the TV room and bathroom. I'll do the rest of the hallway and the bathroom before Purim. Seth's office will come sometime after purim, which probably means after Pesach at this point.
    • We're hoping to have all this done before Purim because hopefully cellio and Mr. Cellio (okay, that's not really his name) will be coming for Purim. Still not sure about that, but regardless, they've worked well as motivators without even knowing it!

There's a bunch more to write, but I think this is enough for one post anyway. Future posts may include: shabbos plans, purim plans (including my shaloch manos quandaries), trouble with charlie (including the evil siamese rescue person), and um, other stuff. For now... that is all.
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