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I've decided to name my kidney stone Ira. If I have to go through the pain of labor, I may as well get to name the damn thing.

Also, my doctor's office sucks. I called and left a very explicit message for my doctor because I was concerned about one of my symptoms. I've had 7 other kidney stones, I know the routine, I don't really need much, I just wanted to talk to the doctor. I didn't even need pain medication....we have so much in the house. I'm in a lot of discomfort right now, but I'm so drugged that I'm okay. But I REALLY wanted to talk to my doctor.

Four hours later, the nurse called back and said the doctor wanted me to take Tylenol #3 and that she would call it in for me. Well, that's what I'd been taking, but I figured I'd let her call it in for me anyway since it can't hurt to have more in the house. So she calls it in to Seth, Seth tells her I've already got it, and she calls me back and tells me that the doctor says that if that's not helping I should come in. I reiterated that I wasn't calling because I was in pain, but rather concern over one of the symptoms. Oh, well, in that case, I should come in and be seen. So I was put on hold and sent to the appointment desk and I made an appointment for tomorrow.

I knew this was pointless...there's nothing the doctor can do. The bottom line is that I have to keep pushing fluids and pain pills. But I made the appointment anyway.

Five minutes later the nurse called back and said that the doctor said that ACTUALLY, I needed to see a urologist, not her. Well, duh. But they can't give me a recommendation for a urologist until tomorrow, so they'll call me tomorrow.

ARGH. If they'd just let me have one five minute conversation with my doctor....

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