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the price of beauty.

I get frequent email from someone I used to buy Mary Kay products from. I still like MK products, but it happens I can't stand her, so I mostly ignore her unless she's having some incredible sale.

Anyway, she pounds into her customers that they should never leave the house without makeup. She sends articles "proving" that women who wear makeup to the office get more promotions and make more money. She sent an email about an Oprah show on ways to look 10 years younger or something, and one of the four major points was to wear makeup every day. Sje reminds us that we look better, feel better, and present ourselves differently when we are dressed nicely and wearing makeup.

At the very least, she says, one should never leave the house without foundation, cheek color, eye color, mascara, and lip color.

Now, I've gotta say, I wholeheartedly agree that I feel better about myself when I'm dressed nicely and my makeup is done well. I present myself with far more confidence and feel more professional and blah blah blah. I, for one, do not generally leave the house without makeup. However, my not leaving the house without makeup isn't anywhere near what HER not leaving the house without makeup is. I wear, at a minimum, foundation and blush and (if I think of it) mascara. Odds are slim that I will take the time for eye color (and by the way, by eye color, she means a two step process), and I rarely wear lipstick as I have to reapply it every 20 minutes or so anyway and that annoys me.

But to have a minimum of FIVE products to apply to my face every day? (and mind you, that's not counting the three steps of basic skincare she recommends before the makeup) That would irritate me. No, irritate is the wrong word. But I can't convince makeup to stay on my face for very long. I don't know why. I've made a concerted effort to not touch my face as much and it still seems like I get home and it looks like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. And I'm not going to do makeup touchups all day every day. So basically, I'm not meeting the criteria and I'm going to be underpaid all my life (that's actually not fair as I'm paid pretty much exactly what I'm worth right now). Apparently short people get paid less and get fewer promotions. Add that to the fact that I don't wear a five-step makeup process every day (not including skin care)... well, clearly I'm going to be an unsuccessful nitwit for most of my life.

Sigh. I'm a girly girl for the most part. I wear makeup most of the time. I don't like to be seen without it. But I just hate being told that not wearing makeup is a sign that I have no self-worth, or that I won't get paid enough, or that I'll be very unhappy, or blah blah blah.

Sigh. Thank heavens she's not typical of the Mary Kay Reps I know.
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