Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

shabbos planning already

I am positively incapable of making sure everything I've cooked gets on the table. Friday night it was the spaghetti squash that didn't make it. Usually it's the rice.

Ah well. The meatballs were yummy, the kugel was great. The salad was lacking something, but I don't care. Saturday was fine as well.

Now to figure out the menu for this shabbos. I think it will be brisket for dinner and cholent for lunch. At any rate, I have to plan it early and prepare it early, because Seth will be out Thursday night which means no last-minute trips to the store for me. I'm hoping to make a potato kugel tonight and a broccoli kugel tomorrow night (or maybe apple kugel?). The rest I'll figure out later.

Why all the kugels? Because Friday we're bringing dinner to a couple that just had their second baby so I need things that travel well and that reheat well.

Beyond the kugels I'm sorta at a loss.
Tags: menu, menus, shabbos

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