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6:30am ramblings

6:30 and Julian is still asleep. Thank Heavens! Angels are smiling down upon me or something.

My ear is worse. I've put drops in, I've used a steroid cream, I've taken pain killers. There's not a lot else to do. Sigh.

The meatballs are in the crockpot and it's been turned on. We'll have them for dinner tonight and the chicken tomorrow, instead of my original plan for the other way around.

The spaghetti squash is cooking as we speak. Well, half of it is. I'll do the other half when the first half is done. Won't be long now.

Seth left early for work today instead of me, which is fine. He'll be able to get home earlier than me so he can make brownies and throw the chicken in the oven. Granted, I'd prefer he place the chicken in a baking pan and gently place the pan in the oven, but throwing works too.

Darnit, the kitten is laying on the table. The problem is, he curls up on the table and looks so natural and cute there that it takes me a long time to realize he doesn't belong there. Whooops. I must now go perform a kittenectomy. Poor kitten. He looked so sad that I did that to him. :(

I should probably, like, get dressed and crap. I've showered for the good of mankind, but now I'm hanging out in my shabbos robe and that's just silly.

I think I could handle not hearing out of my right ear ever again. What I can't handle is the ear infection. And the feeling that I'm constantly under water. I don't like it! I mean, I can't say I espectially WANT to lose my hearing in my right ear. I'm just saying that it sure would not be as bad as this pain and ickiness! Argh.

My most recent amazon.com order was shipped a few days ago. I do hope it gets here before shabbos. I hate when packages are delivered on shabbos and I can't bring them in and open them. I mean, it's not like I need any of the stuff for shabbos. The stuff for me is all DVDs. But there are some new fun books for Julian and it would be nice for him to have them. Le sigh.

Part one of the spaghetti squash endeavor is finito. Part two is now cooking. Go me and my multitasking self.

Have I mentioned recently that I have such cool friends?
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