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Potato Kugel: Done
Meatballs: Ready to be cooked in the morning (in the crock pot)
Chicken: Marinated, will pop in oven as soon as I get home
Rice & green beans: Will cook before shabbos
Salad: still haven't figured out what kind of salad, but that's easy and doesn't require cooking, only assembly, so that can be done after shabbos starts if need be.
Dessert: Ooops. forgot. Crap.
Spaghetti Squash: Dammit, haven't done that EITHER. But that doesn't take long and I'm tired, darnit.

Many of the dishes are done. The table is close to being cleared off. Julian's toys are as put away as they're going to get.

My ear hurts. My head hurts. My feet hurt from standing so much. I'm freaking tired. And I'm an emotional wreck, but that's an entirely different story and hopefully temporary anyway. Oh, and I'm dizzy because of my freaking EAR!

That is all for now.
Tags: domestic, menu, shabbos

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