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Last night squirmy (but happy) Julian punched me in the nose and gave me a bloody nose. He grinned the whole time. He wasn't trying to hurt me. He was just having fun moving his arms around. My nose got in the way. It hurt. A lot. Now it's better. I'm glad he didn't break it.

Can someone please explain to me why he's got a ridiculously long attention span for feature-length animated films (e.g. Aladdin, Emperor's New Groove, Hercules...), but a ridiculously SHORT attention span for shorter, age-appropriate things like The Wiggles and Baby Einstein? He is NOT interested in those and I think it's because they're segmented. So a segment ends and he's done, even though there are 15 more segments to go.

Julian's been having screaming fits lately. Absolutely inconsolable, loud, heart-wrenching, awful screaming fits. :( I feel so bad for him. And frankly, somedays what it takes is plopping him in front of the TV and letting him curl up in your lap until he calms down. Then he's fine. I hate using the TV that way. But after 1/2 an hour of SCREAMING, it's hard to feel like I should make him suffer through that longer. It's not like a temper tantrum. His temper tantrums are always traceable to something specific like you telling him no he couldn't do something. And his temper tantrums usually involve him stamping his feet and throwing himself on the floor, but he stops if you turn your back to him. These fits are horrible crying/screaming fits. His pillow was soaking wet from tears one day from these fits. Poor baby. I really do think something's wrong. Maybe he's teething. Maybe the abandonment issues are finally kicking in (the psychologist said if it happens it could happen at any time because he has a sense of who's who, but no real sense of time). I don't know. I just wish I could fix it for him. *sniff*

Amazingly, he's also been incredibly cuddly and incredibly cute lately. And when he's NOT screaming, he's incredibly happy and funny and playful and an incredible joy to be around. So yay.

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