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possible vacation spots.

I'd really like to take a vacation this year. A real-ish one. I mean, I could and SHOULD go to San Antonio to see my grandparents and could and SHOULD go to Florida to see my dad. But fer cryin' out loud, the only time I've ever gone away somewhere that I really want to go just for the heck of it was to visit bodnej and Mrs. Bodnej during my winter break from law school.

And this time, I'd like to go somewhere I've not been. And though foreign travel would be nice, I really don't have much (okay, any) leave time and Europe just isn't doable for a few days. I'd like to be able to ENJOY myself. I'd like to go someplace where we know at least a couple people, but not someplace where we're OBLIGATED to do nothing but see people (e.g. places where family is is not on my agenda). Also, I'd like it if we went somewhere with a decent array of kosher food.

So I was thinking Seattle. I haven't talked to Seth about it and I have no idea how we would actually do it since he goes away every summer for his Fraternity convention thingy. So maybe I'd have to go without him. I'm actually okay with that, though obviously I'd prefer that he came with me.

But Seattle seems to have a decent array of kosher food, which is pretty cool. I count 14 kosher restaurants/bakeries/delis/etc. in the great Seattle region.

Plus, we know oodles of people there! Seems like a whole lotta people have moved out that way in recent years.

Failing Seattle, since that could prove to be complicated and does merit a slightly longer than a couple days trip, we could always just go and stay in a nice hotel in Manhattan for a few days. THAT would be loverly. Lots of good food, maybe catch a show. Actually, that's sounding kind of attractive.


Not that any of this is actually going to happen. But I can dream. I wonder where Seth's AZO convention is this year...

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