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The Great Chia Contest

The Great Chia Contest will come to a close tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll bring the camera in, take pictures, declare victory and then THROW THE DAMN CHIA OUT.

Right. My boss neglected both of his chias over the weekend (forgot to leave the light on for them and didn't water one of them) so mine is kicking butt right now. (It would have won anyway, but now his are more pathetic than ever). I told him I was declaring victory tomorrow and he said, "I would."

So why am I throwing him out and declaring the contest over? Because the stupid thing is moldy. Apparently this is quite common for chia pets. But I can't freaking BREATH in here! I'm sneezing all the time, my head hurts, my nose is stuffy, my eyes are red and watery. Frankly, I'd be better off if I went home and snuggled a cat. So I'm done with the Chia. I'm glad I finally got to have a Chia Pet and now I'm done with it.

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