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Shabbos plans

First, a couple random tidbits:

-I like how with my new domestic goddess icon if you put your cursor over it, it pops up, "Karen Cohen: Domestic Goddess" It's fun. I'm easily amused.

-Speaking of easily amused, it really takes very little to make me happy. New socks almost always do it. Fuzzy socks always do it.

And now... Seth is away for Shabbos. I will miss him. But I will luxuriate in my empty house anyway. Julian goes to bed early enough tonight that I can lounge and lounge and lounge. I can even go to bed at 6:30 if I want! I'm so glad I decided not to go to College Park. Tomorrow I can nap when Julian naps instead of feeling obligated to be social. It will be lovely. Hooray. As much as I would have liked to see E&N, I'm just as happy to not have to socialize.

For once I have not invited half the community for dinner. It's just me and Julian. Tomorrow I'm going to A&A's house for lunch and Julian can play with Moshe, and maybe I can have some adult conversation. HAH! In the afternoon, Julian and I will probably go down to play with Dovid. Well, I won't play with Dovid. But Julian will. So he'll have lots of socialization and I'll get to see some adults other than Seth. All without leaving the comfort and privacy of my own home. :)

So everything on the menu tonight is store-bought. How lovely! :) No cooking for ME! Oh, except I should make some pasta for the munchkin.

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