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Utopian Weekend

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.
Here's a quick synopsis:
Friday I got off of work at noon per my agreement with my manager wherein I work 9 hours Monday through Thursday and 4 hours on Friday...more or less. And I spent the better part of Friday running between my kitchen and the grocery store. Thank heaven for frozen Challah dough, because I sure didn't have time to make my own this week. Despite all this extra time on Fridays, I still need to learn to do more on Thursday night to prepare for Friday if I want everything done by sundown...
We had a lovely meal with an old friend of mine. Well, she's not old, but I've known her for 10 or 11 years. She and I were out of touch for quite a while, but since we're both back to living in the same general area, we've gotten back in touch and I invited her over to Shabbat dinner and we had a great time. She hadn't had a "real shabbat dinner" in years, as she put it, so it was great for her, but better for me, because it's always nice to have an appreciative guest for dinner. I made sweet gefilte fish, creamy (pareve) tomato soup, london broil with sauteed mushrooms, salad, and apple cobbler. Somehow it doesn't seem like that much, but boy were we stuffed! Karen (my friend) was overjoyed at the spread and stuffed herself as well. We talked about Harry Potter, and school (she's a teacher at one of the local Jewish Day Schools), and various other things. And after dinner we relaxed for a bit and even came up with a costume for her to wear to a Halloween Party Saturday night (she borrowed a pair of scrubs from me, and one of Seth's lab coats and some of his doctor-type stuff like a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff combination thingy). All in all, a great evening.
Saturday, I'm ashamed to say, I slept in and missed shul. I was way over-tired and my throat hurt and my allergies were acting up, so I just couldn't move out of bed in time. But the sleep sure did me some good.
This weekend was an anniversary of sorts for Seth and me... we reunited our wonderful relationship about a year ago (we had dated starting in 1999, broke up tragically due to my insanity for some time, maintaining a close friendship thanks to his big heart, and then I came to my senses and he didn't close the door to the possibility of working things out, thank heavens). So, I surprised him by taking him to a nice hotel downtown just to get away from ringing phones and whining cats and messy kitchens. It was lovely and we had a nice evening away from the norm. We got to sleep in a bit (loving this fall back, daylight savings time ending thing), had a wonderful breakfast, and then came home.
We stopped by our synagogue's book fair/chanukkah boutique and then we came home and I baked an apple pie and some chocolate chip cookies (which made me ill because the chocolate baking gives me a migraine...ooops) for him to take to his Men's Club meeting, while he carved a jack-o-lantern.
Then I had some yummy kosher "fast" food with mom at Max's. Mmmmmm.....schwarma.

So basically, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Okay, well, five million dollars could have dropped into my lap out of nowhere. But realistically speaking, I had good food, great friends, the best fiance in the whole world, a wonderful anniversary, two very needy cats who loved us for coming back, a great day of baking, and NOW, a cozy bed waiting for me and calling my name. Really, what more can a simple (or not so simple) girl ask for?

(that's a sigh of satisfaction, not unhappiness, for those of you who are unclear on that point!)

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