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  • Seth and I recently finished watching the last episodes of Sex & The City. *Sniff* I'm very sad. I loved that show. Probably not the best show for a good, frum woman to be watching. Ask me if I care. It was funny. So there. Anyway, I love Chris Noth.
  • This is why it is so cool that my mother got me (at my request) Law and Order: The First Year DVD Collection for my birthday. Yeah, I already opened it. Serves her right for sending it directly to my house. But anyway, the first couple (I'm not sure how many) seasons of L&O have Chris Noth in them. YAY! And episode 2 of season 1 also has Cynthia Nixon in it! How cool is that? I wonder if that's how Chris Noth got hooked up as Mr. Big. He's such a baby, though! So young and little! With poofy hair. I miss old L&Os. Ben Stone rocked. Not that I don't like other casts. But you know. I mean, Jerry Orbach pretty much rocked, so I can't exactly exclude later casts, can I? Sigh.
  • Holy moly! I got L&O for my birthday. I'm getting OLD.
  • Yesterday was an extraordinarily long day. Court in the morning, working from home in the afternoon (the nanny threw her back out, poor thing, and wasn't able to come in until ~2:30), appt. with the child psychologist at 8pm. Long day. Very tired.
  • My new glasses are growing on me. I think I really like them.
  • I need new shoes. Desperately. And a new winter coat. And a few suits. And another denim skirt would be nice, but not necessary. The other things are necessary. Well, the winter coat isn't totally necessary. I don't wear a coat very often, so it's not like I can't use my old one. And now, I must say, I am still in a drool fit over a coach purse I've wanted for 10 years. I can't buy it because I just bought art. But I still want it.
  • My head hurts. I have no medicine here. I think I may have to go to Rite Aid during my so-called-lunch-hour.
  • I'm wearing a very cute skirt today. Go me.
  • I was thinking maybe I'd go to shul this shabbos if Seth goes to the early minyan. But, uh, it might snow again. A lot. And believe me, I LOVE SNOW. And I'm thrilled to have snow. And I'm not complaining. But I'm also not walking to shul in it. I don't have boots, and I don't have a long winter coat. Therefore, the only playing in the snow I'll do is in my front yard. And I'm not even sure how much of that I'll do. I wish I could build a snowman on shabbos. Sigh.
  • Someone posted recently asking (in a poll, so she wasn't just asking me) what my biggest stress is. This is funny, really, but I actually couldn't identify any major stresses. Certainly I have stress. But unlike in my past, I really don't feel overwhelmed with stress. I don't feel like I might lose control of the stress at any moment. I feel like I've got a pretty healthy amount of stress right now. Enough to keep me motivated, not so much that I go beserk. I'm pretty happy about this.
  • More importantly, I'm not sure how this crept up on me or anything, but you know? I'm pretty happy with my life. I have a fabulous husband, a good house (though not a dream house, it is a pretty cool house), a great 1 year old bringing joy into my life, a good job, nice bosses and nice clients, good friends, and generally things are going well. Yeah, I get stressed. But I also am mostly happy most of the time. The vast majority of the time.
  • Not that I'm not happy about all the happiness going on or anything. But sometimes I seriously feel like an imposter in my life. My nurse practioner said today that she thinks we all feel like that. That sometime around age 18 we stop really believing the things in our lives. I sometimes look around and wonder who's house I'm in, who's car I'm driving, when I even got a driver's license (I didn't get one until I was almost out of college), how I ended up married, and so on. It's surreal sometimes. I feel like yesterday I was greaduating from high school and today, I'm married, have a kid (albeit temporary), have a house, have a car (and a license to drive it!), have art, have a real job. Seriously, when did I stop "playing grown up" and become an adult? Weird.
  • Yeah, I'm a freak. But seriously, lots of people have told me they feel the same way. So maybe I'm not crazy (at least not about this imposter thing).
  • The piano tuner is coming next week. I'm thrilled about that.
  • Um, other stuff, but I can't remember what.

Back to work for me, now. I hope you all have a good day!

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