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doctor's visit today

I went to the doctor this morning just as a followup on the bronchitis and ear infection. Both are gone, but before I could even mention it, the NP mentioned that I look and sound a little miserable. Yeah, it's allergies. Yes, it's probably the damn cats. No, we're not getting rid of them. Yes, I'm crazy. I'm taking Allegra. No, I'm not using a nasal spray. No, really, I hate them. I really can't stand them. Yes, I KNOW they work really well, but they're gross. Her response? "Well, do you enjoy feeling like this?"

I love her. She's very practical. Suffice it to say, I grudgingly walked out of the office with a prescription.

In much more exciting, far less disgusting news, I seem to be losing weight. I was at the doctor's office in November or December, again on Jan 13, and again today. On the second visit, I had lost 4 pounds since my Nov/Dec. visit. At today's visit, I had lost another 3 pounds. In 12 days. Seven pounds may not sound like a lot. And considering how much I need to lose, that's not even a drop in the bucket. But I'm pretty pleased with myself. I finally decided that I was NOT going to diet, I was NOT going to make drastic changes. But I was going to gradually take some of the junkier foods out of my diet. I still eat potato chips, just not as often and not as many. I skip dessert most of the time. And I'm DESPERATELY TRYING to cut down on my Coke intake, but I refuse to just go cold turkey on that because I'll probably hurt someone in the process. Running after Julian is probably helping. I can't quite call it exercise, but I definitely burn calories. Anyway, I wasn't actively trying to lose weight, because, well, I'm too frustrated to do that right now. But I'm happy for the trend and glad that my little changes in lifestyle have helped a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to add more and more little changes over time and get myself into some decent shape.


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