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  • It is very hot in my office, dammit.
  • I mostly feel better and far less sick. I am sneezing a lot, though.
  • I can't believe I was insane enough to agree to do the banquet journal this year. I have lost my mind. I'm not doing a good job, and that's no good.
  • I don't know how it's happening, but my skirt keeps turning itself around. It's weird. I'm not moving enough to make it seem possible. In other news, my denim skirt (which I am not wearing today) has a sneaky habit of having the zipper open up. I'm pretty sure this isn't one of those "it's a feature not a bug" situations. While I'm talking about TMI clothing issues, and guys can tune out if they want to, yesterday I discovered that I'd only hooked my bra on one hook. Now I'm not exactly small chested, so I've got at least 3 hooks on most of my bras. No wonder it was so damn uncomfortable yesterday.
  • Guys, you can tune back in now, though I'm not really certain that I have much else to say.
  • We are having the Glazers and the Waldmans for dinner tonight. I spent far too much time stressing about everyone's idiosyncratic food aversions. Two guests coming won't eat raw tomatoes. One won't eat "cooked tomato products." At least one won't eat eggplant. One of the no-raw-tomatoes people also won't eat anything green, but will apparently eat broccoli, but not broccoli kugel. Lauren said I should skip dinner and just get a group rate on therapy. Her husband told me that he'd love to eat at my house, but he has an aversion to all food that contains water, and doesn't eat anything white or green. We determined that he could have pink astronaut ice cream and that was about it. Fortunately, Astronaut ice cream is kosher. :)
  • This is not as complicated as the day I tried to have a dairy meal for the Abensons and the Schwartzmans. Two people would not eat eggplant. One person did not like tomatoes (but cooked tomato products were okay). I don't care for dairy lasagna. One person would not eat fish. One person would not eat, get this, "visible eggs" so quiche was out. I ended up making macaroni and cheese casserole and quiche.
  • The lesson here is that I should not have more than one TI couple at my dinner table at the same time. One other person from TI won't eat spices and says she is allergic to black pepper (though I've seen her eat it without incident many times)>
  • Then again, there's someone in my shul with a three year old who can't eat anything. He's allergic to nuts (can't even be in the same room with peanuts), soy, dairy, fish, and gawd knows what else. Do you know how many things have soy in them? Allergic to soy AND dairy? Pain in the ass. He's not allergic to cats, which is a miracle But both of his parents are, so we can only have them over during Succos, when we eat outside. So I guess I should count my blessings that tonight's guests only have "aversions" and not "allergies"
  • Hot, I say, HOT! It is a sauna in my office.
  • I still hate that LJ defaults to one space after a period. YES, I recognize that this is an acceptable convention that makes sense for a variety of reasons. But I find it damn hard to read. And I'm stuck in my ways. And two spaces is also an acceptable convention. So why can't LJ just let me put as many damn spaces as I want without having to do any ridiculous extra html to make it happen?
  • I can't wait until May.
  • We have our guardianship hearing for Julian on Monday. Wish us luck. According to my attorney, the judge presiding "always gives her what she wants." So good.

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