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I got new glasses. Everyone seems to like them, but they are drastically different from my previous 10 pair or so, so it's taking me some time to get used to them. The biggest, and only practical, problem with them is that they are enough smaller than my previous pair that my field of vision is a little more obscured than I'm used to. My glasses have gotten progressively smaller over the years, so I know that I will quickly adjust to the field of vision. For the moment, however, it's making me a little dizzy. Also, I don't have the bifocals in this pair because they're too small. That's okay, because I rarely use my bifocal because it's such a pain in the tuchis. I kept my old glasses in case I need the bifocal at home. But I knew I wouldn't need it at work.

Anyway, in honor of my new look, I have a new default icon of moi. Thanks, Batya, for resizing it for me.

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